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Your home didn’t come with a user manual but now you can change that. Caboodl’s Home Experts will perform an inspection on your home to build you a customized user manual outlining the critical maintenance your home needs, simple how-to instructions, and a prioritized list of repairs. 

It’s everything you need to care for your home like an expert. Prefer to let someone else do the work? Caboodl offers complete property maintenance services. Trust your home to Caboodl and put all your maintenance on Autopilot.

The perfect gift for:

  • First-time homeowners
  • Anyone who has recently moved
  • Busy young families
  • Any Homeowner

Digital Home Manual Description 

  • Caboodl Home Expert performs an inspection on your home
  • Builds detailed profile in your MyHome Dashboard
  • Personalizes a maintenance routine for key systems, appliances, and structures
  • Automated reminders so you never miss important maintenance
  • Creates a prioritized list of necessary repairs and maintenance to help you plan for your home’s need
  • Review of your dashboard, maintenance, and repairs to answer any questions that you may have