The Mechanical Room

Your mechanical room may be the most important room in your home. Controlling the temperature, humidity, and water for your whole home.

So it’s no surprise that maintaining those costly systems is important not only for the overall comfort of your home but also for reducing untimely breakdowns and making sure that each system pirates efficiently as long as they possibly can.

How Important is
Regular Maintenance?

Regular maintenance is key to maintaining efficiency and safety in your mechanical systems but what exactly does “regular maintenance” mean? Most companies would tell you that means an annual tune-up for each of your systems.

But is that really necessary?

As with most questions in life, the answer is “it depends.” If your systems are nearing the end of their useful life then regular maintenance can avoid problems and ensure its safe operation.

But as complete home maintenance experts, we’ve come across more than one furnace, hot water tank, or air conditioner that’s been ignored by homeowners and just kept on ticking!

Are they operating as well as they should?


Would they benefit from a professional servicing?

You bet!

Is it worth your money to service it every single year?


For all us math nerds

Let’s say a furnace costs $3,500 and lasts, an average of 15 years. That means the cost per year of that furnace is $233 per year. Assuming your annual furnace service is $150 that’s a total cost per year of $383 (excluding utilities).

Now let’s say you did nothing to that furnace except change the filters regularly. Because of the poor maintenance it only lasts 10 years. That’s an average of $350 per year. $350 is less than $383 so the yearly cost to own the system is cheaper without maintenance.

It’s an imperfect scenario because it excludes repairs, which may be more frequent if you aren’t servicing your furnace, but the point remains - Regular maintenance doesn’t always mean every year.

Caboodl All-in-One Mechanical Plan

For a single monthly fee Caboodl’s maintenance plan covers all of your mechanical systems. Professional service rotating annually to cover all your mechanical systems.


We rotate through your systems so that nothing goes too long without a servicing.


Your plan also includes 10% off parts and labour for all mechanical repairs and installations.


Receive priority for emergency calls (no heat/no cold air)

What's Covered


Air Conditioners

High Velocity

Hot Water Tanks


All-in-one Benefits

All-in-one clients receive priority for repair calls and a 10% discount on all parts and labour for repairs and New Installations.

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