Home Maintenance
on Autopilot

Think you’re on top of home maintenance? Take our quiz and find out. We’ll even give you $25 off the next time you use Caboodl for something around the home.


How much time and money could you save by avoiding preventable maintenance problems?

How much stress would be removed from your life if you knew who to call no matter what your home needed?

Caboodl HomeCare - Put Your Home Maintenance on Autopilot

Caboodl HomeCare Experts customize a maintenance plan for you and your home that saves time, money, and protects your family and home.

Your HomeCare plan includes a proactive HomeCheck visit every 6 months to stay ahead of problems in your home and make sure that everything is operating as it should.

What Does HomeCheck Cover?



  • Inspect & clean fridge gasket
  • Inspect & clean dishwasher gasket
  • Inspect & sanitize washer bellows
  • Test fridge temperature
  • Test freezer temperature
  • Inspect & clean dishwasher arms
  • Clean dishwasher filter
  • Sanitize dishwasher
  • Sanitize washing machine
  • Clean washer filter
  • Clean dryer lint trap



  • Test hot water tank T&P valve
  • Check & set hot water tank temperature
  • Supply and replace furnace filters



  • Apply drain solution to maintain clean drains
  • Inspect + repair faucet leaks
  • Inspect + clean aerators
  • Test toilets for leaks
  • Identify and replace leaking gaskets
  • Inspect toilet supply lines
  • Inspect faucet supply lines

Electrical Systems

Electrical Systems

  • Test GFCI
  • Inspect + test + clean smoke alarms
  • Inspect + test + clean CO alarms



  • Inspect + tighten loose fixtures
  • Inspect + replace pipe insulation
  • Inspect fire extinguishers
  • Inspect/Clean HVAC registers
  • Caulking inspection



  • Inspect visible roof areas
  • Inspect eavestrough
  • Inspect downspouts & drainage
  • Inspect foundation
  • Inspect property for hazards (e.g. damaged trees)
  • Inspect + install vent covers
  • Inspect exterior walls
  • Inspect windows & doors
  • Caulking inspection

Add additional services for a low monthly
fee to take care of other maintenance

Furnace, air conditioner, and hot water tank maintenance

Extend the life of your mechanical systems and keep them running efficiently with regular maintenance.

Check out our “All-in-one Mechanical plan”.

Eavestrough + window cleaning

Fall & Spring eaves cleaning that protects your home from water damage and window cleaning to light up inside of your home.

Handyperson time

Non-expiring handyperson hours for the odd jobs around your home. Plus discounted rates on all handyperson work.

Other ways HomeCare helps

Approximately $150 in parts for you home. Furnace filtes, toilets parts, water supply lines, and more

Complimentary virtual diagnostic and remote troubleshooting

Priority for service calls including furnace and air conditioners

One contact for everything your home needs. Caboodl can help with:

Roofing, foundation repair, small and large renovations, decks and fences, and much more.

Caboodl clients on HomeCare or All-in-One Mechanical planshave access to a complimentary virtual diagnostics service.

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