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When your heat goes out in the middle of winter you want it fixed fast! Caboodl’s licensed technicians are experienced in the repair of all makes and models of furnaces and carry a wide array of parts to get your furnace back up and running in no time at all.

Want the quickest path to getting your home comfortable again? Book your repair call directly . Reserve the first available technician in minutes. You’ll be contacted by a Caboodl team member to collect any necessary details for your service. Reserving your repair call is free and you’re only charged once a technician comes to your home.

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Try This First

Here are a few simple steps to try before calling us in to fix your furnace.

Check and replace your furnace filter. If your furnace is turning on but heat isn’t coming our of the vents a clogged furnace filter is a likely culprit.

Check your electric panel and the furnace on/off switch (located in your furnace room it looks like a standard light switch). Make sure that both are on.

Turn off your furnace at the switch and wait 5 minutes before turning it back on. Some furnaces errors are reset with a simple reboot.

Reboot your smart thermostat.


Like your car, your furnace is a costly and complex system of mechanical and electrical parts requiring regular maintenance to maintain and improve safety and operating efficiency and prolong its useful life.

Basic regular maintenance (regularly changing furnace filters and clearing your condensate line) goes a long way in keeping your furnace running smoothly. A lot of this can be done by homeowners even without any real furnace knowledge. This basic maintenance is covered as part of our complete home proactive maintenance HomeCare plan.

But it still requires professional maintenance on a regular basis.

What’s Involved?

Caboodl’s licensed and insured technicians will inspect and service your furnace ensuring its safety and efficient operation. They’ll assess your furnace’s operation, inspect for damaged or defective parts, clean dirty parts, calibrate the system for maximum efficiency, and test for carbon monoxide leaks.

Book a one-time furnace service or sign up for our All-in-One mechanical plan and cover maintenance for your heating, cooling, and domestic water systems.

All-in-One Mechanical Plan

Depending on the age of your systems, you may not actually need service on your furnace, air conditioner, and domestic water systems every year.

That’s why we created the All-in-One mechanical plan

We perform annual maintenance on all your mechanical systems on a rotating basis, ensuring nothing is ignored but avoided unnecessary and costly maintenance.

Service Two Units Per Year at Discounted Prices.

All-in-one clients receive priority for repair calls and a 10% discount on all parts and labour for repairs and New Installations.

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**Don’t forget about your air-conditioner**


Furnaces that can handle our Canadian winters

Reliable, high-efficiency furnaces, expertly installed by licensed Caboodl technicians. We’ll work with you to find the perfect furnace to match your home and budget. Ensuring reliable heating and comfort for your home.

More than just a furnace

Your furnace also connects to your air conditioning, humidity, and indoor air quality systems. So when it’s time to replace your furnace you want a team that understands all aspects of creating a comfortable home in all weather.

Caboodl’s team works with you to understand your home and lifestyle to make sure that your furnace and accompanying systems create a safe and comfortable environment.

Repair vs Replace

The expected life of a furnace is around 15 years. Nobody wants to spend money unnecessarily and at Caboodl, we’re no different. It’s why we developed HomeCare to save homeowners time and money, avoid preventable repairs and extend the life of your home’s systems and appliances.

Our preference is to repair instead of replace but we know your decision depends on a number of factors. We’ll give you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

A few situations where replacement is likely your best option


If your furnace is older than 15 years (though not always)


Cracked heat exchanger


The Ratio Rule - replace a furnace if the percentage of repair cost vs new furnace is greater than the percentage of useful life remaining. E.g. $1,000 repair vs $3,000 new furnace. The repair is 33% the cost of a new furnace.

If your furnace is 11 years old or more (assuming 15 year avg life) then replace because 33% ($1,000/$3,000) is greater than 24% (4 years left/15 year avg life).

Considerations for a New Furnace



Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. The higher your AFUE the more efficient your furnace. It’s a measure of how much of the fuel your furnace consumes is used to heat your home.



This is a measure of your furnaces heating capacity. The more BTUs, the more space that your furnace can heat. Matching the heating capacity of a furnace to your home requires an expert to account for a variety of factors to determine your home’s heating requirements.

Single Stage, 2 Stage, Variable Speed

The operating phases of your furnace. Single stage operates simply in the ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’ phase. 2 stage furnaces operate in ‘OFF’, ‘LOW’, and ‘HIGH’ allowing you furnace to more specifically match the heat output to the temperature. Variable speed furnaces operate on an incremental scale. Energy efficiency and noise reduction increase as you move from single stage to variable speed furnaces.

Caboodl offers a variety of quality brands and models for your home heating needs.

Financing Options Available

Caboodl clients on HomeCare or All-in-One Mechanical plans have access to a complimentary virtual diagnostics service.

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