The dream of homeownership

Home ownership is a lifelong dream for many of us. Whether it’s your first house or your forever house, it’s easy to get lost daydreaming about all the wonderful memories yet to be  created. What we often forget while picturing family gatherings, holidays, and milestones are the hours of maintenance and repairs needed to keep our palaces as wonderful as the day we moved in.

It is a fact of life that when we become too busy, we only tackle those things that are urgent or give us pleasure. Raise your hand if cleaning out your dryer exhaust vent is high on the list of things that give you joy. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

That’s why we started Caboodl. Because even though home maintenance will never be as fun or urgent as your anniversary, soccer practice, or another midnight diaper run, when ignored, it costs homeowners significantly more time and money.

At Caboodl we want you to enjoy every ballet recital, night on the town, and vacation knowing your home is safe because your regular maintenance has been taken care of. That means fewer appliance breakdowns, lower utility bills, and less risk of flood and fire.

Caboodl will be there for you. New house or next house we let you get back to building the memories that make it a home